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Calling food lovers everywhere

Support your favourite local restaurants

Calling food lovers everywhere

Support your favourite local restaurants

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Support your favourite local restaurants

You could win free takeaway for a year!

Want one year of free food delivered to your door? Vote now for your favorite restaurant for the Thuisbezorgd.nl Awards 2022 and have a chance to win.

Best of City

These restaurants are the heart of any town or city and have proved to be a fan favourite in their area.

Best Newcomer

For the new restaurants on Thuisbezorgd.nl that have excelled in their performance since 1st of January, and delivered unbeatable quality to their customers.

Best Young Entrepreneur

The Best Entrepreneur Under 30 proves that it’s not about how many years of experience you have, it’s about the quality of those years.

Best Healthy Restaurant

With more and more customers choosing healthier options, it is up to these restaurants to provide customers with delicious and healthy meals.


For the restaurants that have revolutionised the takeaway game. The Game Changer award honours restaurants that are bold in their innovation and uniqueness.

Best Veggie

Vegetarian cuisine has been through a huge evolution in recent years, with more choice than ever & changing attitudes to food. Vote for your favourite here.

Best Chain

Nothing beats the consistency of a chain restaurant - customers always know they get the best no matter where they go. This award is for the Best Chain around.

Best Lunch

Lunch is often the first break that customers take during long, busy days. A great lunch restaurant makes the middle of the day a time to look forward to.

Best Late Night Snack

This category is for the restaurants that stay open well after dinner to satisfy those late night cravings.

Best Pizzeria

You can't make everyone happy, but you can buy them a pizza and that's almost the same thing. The best pizza restaurant isn't just flipping the finest dough, it's lifting the spirits too.

Best Asian Restaurant

We are the home to some incredible Asian restaurants. The blend of exotic ingredients, herbs and spices make your meal more than just a takeaway. It’s an experience!

Best Burger

Name a more iconic duo than a burger and fries? No, we didn't think so! Many things make burgers great; sometimes they're crispy, sometimes they're juicy. But whose will be the best?

Best Sushi

At the best sushi restaurant, everything always runs like clockwork. From the freshest seafood to a fantastic atmosphere, it's all right.

Best Fast Food Restaurant

An good fast food restaurant guarantees speedy delivery. Only the best ensure both speed and quality.


Nominees and categories
Winners and prizes
What are the Thuisbezorgd.nl Awards?

The Thuisbezorgd.nl Awards are an annual celebration of excellence in the takeaway sector.

We recognise our Makers of Greatness - large and small - and reward the most outstanding partners.

The awards fall under three main categories:

City Awards Category - Best Amsterdam, Best Utrecht, Best Rotterdam and more

Cuisine Awards Category - Best Takeaway Cuisine

National Awards Category – The Best Chains, Best Newcomer and The Sustainability Award

How can I participate in the Thuisbezorgd.nl Awards?

Sign up by 19th September 2022 and complete the submission form on the Thuisbezorgd.nl Awards website. This is your chance to impress the judges and make it to the awards shortlist, so take your time!

How are the winners of the Thuisbezorgd.nl Awards chosen?

By customer votes! Restaurants who receive the highest number of votes in their nominated award category will be crowned the winner!

When do the Thuisbezorgd.nl Awards take place?

The winners will be announced at the awards night in February 2023.

What are the categories?

City Awards: Awarding the best restaurant of a city.

Cuisine Awards Category: Celebrating excellence across all of the different cuisine types, from Burgers to Mexican to Thai, here is something for everyone.

National Awards Category: Awarding and celebrating National winners who are loved by the nation! This category includes Best Chain, Best Newcomer and The Sustainability Award.

When does voting open / close?

Customers can vote from 14th November until 31st December.

How often can I vote?

Customers can only vote once per category.

How do I vote?

When voting opens on 14th November, customers can simply select their favourite restaurant or takeaway from the shortlist in each category and click 'vote'. Customers should enter their name and email address, then press 'submit'.

What prizes can be won?

Here’s a taste of some of the prizes:

Fully-paid vouchers to share with your customers, as a thank you for their voting and continuous support

A physical award to show that you're one of the best, award winning partners on our platform

A €100 voucher to use on any products in the Partner Webshop

One week of free Promoted Placement to make sure you have top visibility on Just Eat

...And more!