Drankenspeciaalzaak Ton Overmars Gelderlandplein
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  • Delicate Prosecco full of fruit and character

    € 12,95

    11,0% vol, € 11,07/кг, 1.17кг
  • This sparkling wine has a beautiful golden yellow color with a fine, persistent mousse. Winery Fernand Engel from Alsace received various awards for their high-quality sparkling wines

    € 21,95

    12,0% vol, € 18,76/кг, 1.17кг
  • Elegance and finesse at its best. Excellent combination between fruit elements and ripening aromas of tropical fruit, biscuit and shortcrust pastry. Delicious balance in freshness, fruitiness, structure and length

    € 51,95

    12,0% vol, € 44,40/кг, 1.17кг
  • This champagne can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. It is by far the most sold champagne worldwide. Wonderfully fresh and of consistent quality. Suitable as an aperitif and for parties

    € 65,95

    12,0% vol, € 56,37/кг, 1.17кг

White wines

  • Very aromatic nose of white flowers and exotic fruit. This fresh and fruity viognier wine also has exciting mineral notes

    € 9,95

    12,5% vol, € 8,50/кг, 1.17кг
  • Beautiful white wine, with clear fruit flavours. Typical bouquet reminiscent of acacias and bread. Dry and fresh, yet with a soft character

    € 16,95

    13,0% vol, € 14,49/кг, 1.17кг
  • A complex nose, where the aromas of white flowers, citrus fruit and notes of menthol emerge. In the mouth, the wine gives a nice freshness on the palate, combined with a delicate floral and mineral character

    € 22,95

    12,5% vol, € 19,62/кг, 1.17кг
  • This Chardonnay is just as great as Coppola himself. With scents and flavors of yellow apples, mango, pomegranate, wood, biscuit, toast, butter, apple syrup and some caramel. It is thick, bold and hazelnut in the aftertaste

    € 21,95

    13,5% vol, € 18,76/кг, 1.17кг
  • Beautiful, wood-aged white Burgundy from top year 2019 and with an unmistakable Meursault character. A generous, tasteful wine with ripe exotic fruit, soft vanilla notes, balanced acidity and a wonderfully long, round aftertaste

    € 67,95

    13,5% vol, € 58,08/кг, 1.17кг

Rose wines

  • This gris rosé wine is made from a blend of Grenache and Cinsault. A very pale pink color, fine and elegant nose of citrus and white fruit. Pleasantly fresh in the mouth

    € 9,25

    12,5% vol, € 7,91/кг, 1.17кг
  • Refreshing! Beautiful light pink rosé. Seductive nose with fruity freshness. Full and round attack with notes of peach and citrus fruits, such as grapefruit. Very refreshing finish with a hint of minerality

    € 16,95

    12,5% vol, € 14,49/кг, 1.17кг

Red wines

  • Bordaux, Cru Bourgeois. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. Steak, venison

    € 21,95

    14,0% vol, € 18,76/кг, 1.17кг
  • "La Chapelle" is a limited edition Minervois of old Syrah vines mixed with a touch of Grenache. 96% Syrah, 4% Grenache Noir. Aged in oak for 18 months to provide a rich and complex bouquet of black fruits, leather, tobacco and spices

    € 37,50

    14,5% vol, € 32,05/кг, 1.17кг
  • Carignan & Syrah, An exceptional cuvée, dark color, scents of blueberries, rosemary, spices and truffles. In the mouth you experience the strength and tannins that are well matured, a long and beautifully cut finish

    € 21,95

    14,0% vol, € 18,76/кг, 1.17кг
  • An intense, exceptionally complex nose with notes of violet and vanilla. A well-balanced taste with a lot of body

    € 39,95

    14,5% vol, € 34,15/кг, 1.17кг
  • Full and rich, slightly bitter (like chocolate), impressions of violets, licorice, blackberries and ripe cherries. Long, intense finale

    € 64,95

    15,5% vol, € 55,51/кг, 1.17кг


  • Heineken Pilsener (5%) is a refreshing full malt quality lager with a slightly fruity taste that is perfectly balanced with the fresh bitterness of the hops

    € 13,95

    5,0% vol, € 6,61/кг, 2.11кг


  • Our own Ton Overmars gin contains, among other things, the following botanicals: juniper, orange blossom, coriander seeds, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, rhubarb root, lemon peel, lavender and orange peel

    € 29,95

    43,0% vol, € 27,23/кг, 1.1кг
  • A blend of over 30 whiskies. A luxury whiskey that is the reference for all other whiskies. The taste is characterized by rich vanilla, dried fruits and smokiness

    € 37,50

    40,0% vol, € 34,09/кг, 1.1кг


  • Well-known nut mix including green wasabi nuts

    € 7,95

    € 34,57/кг, 230кг
  • In the Piedmont there are pigs that burrow in the earth in search of the black gold. The result is this golden combination of our own pig with black summer truffle

    € 12,95

    € 99,62/кг, 130кг

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