Happy Siam Thai Streetfood

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  • Tom kha soup

    Appetizer: Thai soup prepared with coconut milk, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and chili peppers. This soup is characterized by a creamy, sweet and sour taste experience

    € 8,25

  • Tom yam soup

    Appetizer: Tom yam is a spicy Thai soup with herbs and mushrooms. It has a distinctive sour, spicy and savory flavor

    € 8,25

  • Tom kha noodle soup crispy chicken (mild spicy)

    Instant noodles, bean sprouts, lime juice, crispy chili in oil, egg, spring onion, coconut milk, lemongrass, laos and fried onion. The creamy coconut milk gives a velvety texture and authentic Thai flavors. Perfectly balanced between sweet, sour and spicy

    € 19,50

  • Wantan soup

    Appetizer: A broth-like soup with wantans: dumplings stuffed with pork and/or chicken mixed with vegetables and soy sauce

    € 8,50

  • Wan tan chicken noodle soup crispy chicken

    Wan tan chicken noodle soup, with crispy chicken and healthy ingredients, along with pak choi, bean sprouts, crispy chili flakes, boiled egg and deliciously crispy pieces of chicken

    € 15,50

  • Tom yam noodles soep crispy chicken (spicy)

    Instant noodles, crispy chicken, bean sprouts, lime juice, boiled egg, spring onion, coconut milk, lemongrass, laos and fried onion and peanut. Perfectly balanced between sweet, sour and spicy

    € 19,50

Stir-fried dishes

  • Pad thai

    Rice noodles stir-fried in our special homemade Pad Thai sauce, with a mix of vegetables, tofu and egg. Garnished with peanuts, spring onions and a lime wedge

    € 15,50

  • Thai fried rice

    Thai fried rice with a choice of chicken or shrimp, mixed with fresh vegetables, egg and herbs

    € 14,50

  • Pad krapow

    Served with jasmine rice. Fried meat with Thai basil, chili peppers, and garlic. It is served with steamed white rice and sometimes with a fried egg. It is known for its spicy and savory taste

    € 14,50

  • Phat med ma muang

    Served with jasmine rice. Thai stir-fried dish with cashews, vegetables and spices

    € 14,50

Curry dishes

  • Green curry

    Served with jasmine rice. A spicy Thai dish made with green curry paste, coconut milk, vegetables and Thai basil

    € 15,00

  • Panang curry

    Served with jasmine rice. A Thai dish with Panang curry paste, coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves and Thai basil. It has a rich, creamy texture and mild nutty flavor

    € 15,00

Vegetarian and vegan dishes

  • Pak tod

    Deep-fried tempura vegetables in a light batter served with dipping sauces

    € 6,95

  • Pad pak

    Fried vegetables with vegan sauce served with rice

    € 12,95


  • Spring rolls chicken

    € 6,50

  • Thai chicken satay with peanut sauce

    € 7,50

  • Gyoza chicken 4 pieces

    4 pieces of dumplings filled with chicken meat and a mix of herbs. Lightly steamed and fried until crispy, served with a dipping sauce

    € 4,50

  • Ebi fry shrimp 3 stuks

    € 5,50

  • Snack board for 2 persons

    2 chicken spring rolls, 4 pieces chicken cake chicken, 2 pieces gyoza chicken and 8 pieces shrimp party mix

    € 15,00

  • Tod man chicken (chicken) 5 pieces

    Tod man chicken, a finely chopped chicken and corn. They are accompanied by our special homemade dipping sauce, rich with the flavors of sweet, sour and a hint of peanut

    € 7,50


  • Single set

    Thai fried rice with 2 pieces of chicken satay and 1 chicken spring roll

    € 14,50

  • Pad thai chicken and gyoza chicken (3 pieces)

    Thai rice noodles stir-fried in our homemade Pad Thai sauce. Rich in flavor and garnished with bean sprouts, spring onions, lime, fried onion and peanuts. As an extra treat, we serve fried gyoza stuffed with chicken.

    € 17,50

  • Family set A

    2-3 people: 2 nasi, panang curry with chicken and 1 pad med mamuang with chicken

    € 35,00

  • Family set B

    2-3 people: 2 pad thai with chicken, 4 chicken spring rolls and 1 pad med mamoeng with chicken

    € 35,00

  • Familie set C

    3-5 persons: 2x pad thai , 2x Thai nasi, 6 pieces of satay, 1x pad med with chicken, and 1x Panang curry with chicken

    € 59,00

  • Isan set

    2 people: Pad thai with som tam (papaya salad-spicy), Thai omelet and crispy chicken

    € 45,00

  • Curry set for 2 to 3 people

    2x Thai nasi, 1x green curry with chicken, 1x panang curry with chicken and 3 pieces of chicken spring roll

    € 34,00

  • Snack party mix shrimps

    Mixed snack shrimps

    € 32,00

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Bertie Wolf
сряда, 10 април 2024 г.
Време на взимане
Heerlijk gegeten
irene de kok
неделя, 07 април 2024 г.
Време за доставка
Het was niet mijn smaak. Heel personlijk uiteraard!
D González
събота, 06 април 2024 г.
Време на взимане
Really tasty!! 100% worth it
петък, 05 април 2024 г.
Време за доставка
неделя, 31 март 2024 г.
Време за доставка
събота, 30 март 2024 г.
Време на взимане
Pad thai crispy chicken is een winnaar, mijn dochter is er dol op! Gerecht is heel smaakvol en goede texturen. Portionering ook prima!
петък, 29 март 2024 г.
Време за доставка
Heerlijk gegeten. Mooie porties. Snel bezorgd. Top.
Ad van de Wouw
неделя, 24 март 2024 г.
Време за доставка
Het eten was heerlijk. Deze komt zeker in mijn favorieten. De bezorging was keurig op de aangegeven tijd.
Mikal Zeedzen
събота, 23 март 2024 г.
Време за доставка
Serieus goed eten hier. Krakend vers, dat proef je meteen. Zeker voor deze prijzen een dikke aanrader!
Mich Elle
неделя, 17 март 2024 г.
Време за доставка
Ik vond het eten smakeloos de dumplins in de soep sloegen ook niet bepaald ergens op

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