Taj Mahal

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  • Lamb dishes
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  • Onion bhajee

    Fresh vegetables mixed with a mild herbal batter. Fried in vegetable oil

    € 5,75

  • Samosas

    Puff pastrys filled with fresh vegetables and spices

    € 6,25

  • Chicken chat

    The best pieces of chicken, marinated in a fragrant spice mixture and chat masala

    € 6,50

  • Black tiger butterfly

    Large shrimp marinated in spices and fried with Indian style

    € 9,50

  • Wings of doom

    The spiciest tandoori chicken wings

    € 8,50

  • Papdam

    Crispy puff pastry with mint sauce, mango chutney and salad

    € 2,95

Tandoori dishes

  • Tandoori chicken

    Tender chicken legs marinated in various spices prepared in the oven

    € 19,50

  • Chicken tikka

    The best pieces of chicken marinated in a fragrant blend of spices

    € 21,50

  • Boti kebab

    A traditional Indian dish of tender lamb. Before the meat was roasted in the tandoori oven, a marinade imparted its special aroma to the meat

    € 22,50

  • Taj mahal royal special grill

    A combination of grilled chicken, lamb and minced lamb

    € 24,50

Chicken dishes

  • Chicken tikka masala

    Small pieces of chicken from the tandoori oven, then cooked in a special aroma full olle sauce. Sweet, spicy flavor

    € 20,95

  • Butter chicken

    Chicken meat with tomato, cardamon and nutmeg leaves. Finished with cream and honey. Sweet flavor

    € 20,50

  • Balti chicken

    An authentic chicken dish from northern india

    € 20,95

  • Chicken tikka zhalferizi

    Chicken breast, sautéed onions, tomatoes, bell pepper, chili and a surprising blend of spices. Medium spicy

    € 20,50

  • Chicken vindaloo, madras

    Chicken breast seasoned with fresh red peppers and chili. Very spicy

    € 21,95

Lamb dishes

  • Lams Marco Polo

    Tikka lamb from the tandoori oven and a curry. Diced sliced onion, bell pepper, garam masala and spice mixture. Sweet flavor

    € 21,50

  • Sag gosth

    A combination of meat and fresh spinach with an aroma of garlic, ginger and mild chili

    € 22,50

  • Balti ghost

    An authentic lamb dish from northern india, made in a traditional indian pan. Mildly spicy

    € 21,95

  • Lams tikka zhalfeizi

    A fairly spicy dish of lamb, sautéed onions, tomatoes, bell pepper, fresh chili and a spice mixture

    € 21,95

  • Lams dhansak

    Tender pieces of lamb steamed with spices, then cooked with lentils and a sweet and sour spicy sauce. Finished with fenugreek, cloves and black cardamom. Sweet-salty spicy flavor

    € 21,50

  • Lam vindaloo, madras

    Very spicy dish with meat seasoned with fresh red chilies and chili

    € 21,95

Fish dishes

  • Machi malkani

    Steamed salmon topped with a sauce of ginger, garlic, lemon juice and mustard oil. Sweet flavor

    € 22,95

  • King prawn zhalferizi

    Large shrimp from the gulf of bengal with sautéed onions, tomatoes, bell pepper and fresh chili with spice blend. Medium spicy

    € 22,95

  • Bengal viscury

    Pangasius fillet marinated in a mixture of ground herbs and spices, topped with sauce. Medium spicy

    € 22,50

  • King prawn masala

    Giant shrimp dish with special masala sauce. Medium spicy

    € 22,50

  • King prawn balti

    Reuzen garnalen uit het noorden van india, gemaakt in een traditionele indiase pan. Zoet-zout, pittig van smaak

    € 22,95

Vegetarian dishes

  • Panner makhani

    Finely seasoned panner (Indian cheese) from the tandoori oven, topped with a sauce of butter, tomatoes, cashews and almonds. Sweet flavor

    € 19,50

  • Panner zhalferizi

    Indian cheese, fried onions, tomatoes, fresh chili, bell pepper and spice blend. Medium spicy

    € 19,95

  • Shabji nauratan

    A curry of mixed fruits and vegetables prepared in coconut milk and cream. Sweet flavor

    € 19,50

  • Shabji curry

    Mixed vegetables cooked in onions, fresh cilantro, chili and other Indian spices. Mild

    € 19,50

  • Saag panner

    A curry of spinach and Indian cheese. Mild

    € 19,95


  • Chicken biryani

    Rice dish with chopped chicken and vegetable curry

    € 21,50

  • Lams biryani

    A rice dish with spiced lamb and a fragrant curry of mixed vegetables

    € 22,50

  • Shabji biryani

    A vegetarian rice dish with several vegetable curries of beans, cauliflower, carrots and more vegetables. Served separately a vegetable curry

    € 20,50

Side dishes

  • Nan

    Warm, fluffy bread with an aroma of eggs and sesame seeds

    € 3,95

  • Garlick nan

    Warm, fluffy bread with garlic and cilantro leaves

    € 4,50

  • Peswari nan

    Nan stuffed with fruits and nuts from the tandoori oven

    € 4,75

  • Sag panner

    Curry of spinach in Indian cheese

    € 7,50

  • Chana dal

    One serving of finely seasoned yellow lentils

    € 7,50

  • Bombayallo

    A curry of fried potatoes in a mixture of spices. Medium spicy

    € 7,50

  • Raita

    A fresh yogurt sauce with herbs and spices

    € 3,25

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Sabine Kienhöfer
вторник, 14 май 2024 г.
Време за доставка
Very delicious, kind service.
Van Schie
неделя, 12 май 2024 г.
Време за доставка
De kwaliteit was heel goed, alleen de papadum was niet zo knapperig en de hoeveelheden vonden we nogal karig. Bezorgtijd was uitstekend.
събота, 04 май 2024 г.
Време за доставка
вторник, 30 април 2024 г.
Време на взимане
Carla Salomons
петък, 26 април 2024 г.
Време за доставка
Was heerlijk!!
четвъртък, 25 април 2024 г.
Време за доставка
Unkomplizierte Bestellung in unserer Ferienwohnung. Netter Kontakt, sehr leckeres und auch heißes Essen. Jederzeit gerne wieder!
събота, 13 април 2024 г.
Време за доставка
петък, 15 март 2024 г.
Време на взимане
Prima op tijd klaar voor afhaal bestelling. Grote portie. Tandoori kip vond ik wat flauw van smaak, wel zowel rijst als naan erbij geleverd.
петък, 15 март 2024 г.
Време за доставка
Taaie voor- en bijgerechten, butter chicken was prima. Wel erg weinig rijst voor twee gerechten. Stevig aan de prijs.
четвъртък, 04 януари 2024 г.
Време за доставка
Heerlijk eten, het wachten waard! Je hebt, als je niet de tikka masala bestelt, wel een bak/gerecht p.p nodig

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