Yulia Brodskaya: from pizza box to work of art!

At Takeaway.com we are always looking for new and interesting projects to inspire our readers. Recently, we found some really cool paper art at Colossal, which lead us to start thinking about what artists could do with a simple pizza box. Before long we came across Yulia Brodskaya, an amazing paper artist from Russia. We presented her the idea of making something beautiful out of a pizza box. And guess what? She took on the challenge!


First, we sent her one of our pizza boxes. Just a simple brown one with our logo on it.


And off she went… designing, cutting, folding, gluing…


Starting to look like a butterfly already. Awesome, right?


Here’s the end result. A beautiful butterfly made out of a simple pizza box! We’re so proud of it, we’ve even given it a nice spot on the wall in our office. Let’s hope it won’t fly away. 😉


Who is Yulia Brodskaya?

Yulia Brodskaya is a Russian artist. She currently resides in London, where she moved from Russia in 2004. On her website you can find lots of stunning pieces of art, made out of paper. She really knows how to work with detail. Her website can be found here.

Yulia Brodskaya

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