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Populær ❤️


  • Classic burrito

    A white wheat tortilla with chicken, white rice, black beans, pico de gallo, corn, grated cheese, lettuce, spring onion, Chipotle mayonnaise (slightly spicy) and guacamole.

    € 14,95

  • Macho nacho

    Nacho chips topped with two kinds of our meats: chicken and beef. Topped off with black beans, pico de gallo, corn, molten cheese, Chipotle mayonnaise slightly spicy and guacamole.

    € 15,25

  • Burrito al Chidoz

    A white wheat tortilla with pork, white rice, black beans, pineapple, pico de gallo, spring onion, coriander and spicy Killer Smokey Chipotle sauce.

    € 13,00

  • Latin burrito

    White flower tortilla with beef, white rice, black beans, pico de gallo, lettuce, cheese, coriander and Salsa Verde (slightly spicy).

    € 13,80

Chidóz stay at home meals

  • Meat-lovers meal

    Macho nacho, classic burrito, chicken quesadilla and two drinks

    € 42,50

  • Vega-lovers meal

    Vegaloaded nachos, power burrito or vegan burrito, veggie quesadilla and two drinks

    € 40,00

Build your own

  • Burrito

    White wheat or whole wheat tortilla filled with your choice of meat / vegetarian & rice, black beans, pico de gallo, corn, pineapple, cheese and lettuce

    € 13,00

  • Small burrito

    The younger brother of the regular burrito

    € 9,75

  • Bowl

    A naked burrito in a bowl your choice of meat/vegetarian and rice, black beans, pico de gallo, corn, pineapple, cheese and lettuce. The bowls are served lukewarm

    € 13,00

  • Salad

    No tortilla or rice but a fresh salad with your choice of meat/vegetarian, black beans, pico de gallo, corn, pineapple, cheese and lettuce

    € 13,00

  • Nachos

    Nacho chips with your choice of meat/vegetarian, black beans, pico de gallo, corn, pineapple, cheese and lettuce

    € 13,00


  • Quesadilla chicken

    Chicken, grated cheese, pico de gallo and chipotle mayonnaise

    € 6,75

  • Quesadilla vegetarian

    Grilled vegetables, grated cheese, pico de gallo and basil mayonnaise

    € 6,50

  • Spicy Beef Quesadilla

    Beef, pico de gallo, grated cheese, jalapeños and killer smokey chipotle sauce

    € 6,95


  • Nachos

    Plain nacho chips

    € 2,50

  • Nachos and 1 dip

    Nacho chips with your choice of one of your legendary dips

    € 4,00

  • Nachos, guacamole and dip

    Nacho chips with homemade guacamole and a dip

    € 5,50

  • Sombreros

    This snack combines guacamole, melted cheese, spicy onions, and jalapeños, all in the shape of a miniature sombrero. The unique design is perfect for dipping in your favorite sauce. And to top it all off, the sombrero's coating is sprinkled with delicious nacho pieces, giving every bite an extra crunch and flavor

    € 7,50

  • Churros

    We all know the Mexican dessert: the churro. But do you already know the churro with chocolate sauce in the churro!? Surprise yourself with this chocolate churro where a layer of powdered sugar completes the tastiness

    € 7,50

  • Guacamole

    € 2,00

  • Jalapeños

    € 1,50

  • Pico de Gallo

    € 1,50

  • Extra grated cheese

    € 1,50

  • Extra white wheat tortilla (30cm)

    € 1,00


  • Booming basil

    Full with basil and garlic

    € 1,50

  • Explosive mango - very spicy

    Very spicy sauce from mango and habanero

    € 1,50

  • Killer smokey chipotle - spicy

    Seasoned spicy sauce from smokey chipotle

    € 1,50

  • Creamy chipotle mayonnaise - mild spicy

    Killer chipotle with a creamy twist

    € 1,50

  • Tasty tomato

    The salsa classic

    € 1,50

  • Fresh salsa verde - mild spicy

    Spicy sauce made from tomatillos and coriander

    € 1,50


  • Marie Stella Maris water (still)

    € 2,95

    inkl. depositum (€ 0,15)
  • Marie Stella Maris water (fizz)

    € 2,95

    inkl. depositum (€ 0,15)
  • Fritz kola superzero

    € 3,95

  • Fritz limo lemon

    € 3,95

  • Fritz limo orange

    € 3,95

  • Fritz bio apple

    € 3,95

  • Fritz melon

    € 3,95

  • Fritz apple and cherry

    € 3,95

  • Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling

    € 3,75

  • Lipton Ice Tea Green

    € 3,75

  • Lipton Ice Tea Green Zero

    € 3,75

  • Lipton Ice Tea Peach

    € 3,75

Alcoholic drinks

  • Jupiler

    € 4,25

  • Corona

    € 4,50

  • IJwit

    € 5,50

Ben & Jerry's 100ml

  • Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough 100ml

    Vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough

    € 3,50

  • Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake 100ml

    Strawberry cheesecake ice cream filled with strawberries and thick graham cracker swirl

    € 3,50

  • Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie 100ml

    Chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate fudge brownie

    € 3,50

  • Ben & Jerry's Caramel Chew Chew 100ml

    Caramel ice cream with a swirl of caramel and chocolate covered caramel chunks

    € 3,50

Om denne forretning
fredag den 24. maj 2024
Food was good but it took almost 2.5 hours to be delivered. I ordered at 17:38 on a Friday so I expected a bit longer of a delivery time but not that I would have to wait until 20:00!! I would order again but not with this kind of delivery time.
søndag den 19. maj 2024
Na dik anderhalf uur wachten gebeld. Werd niet opgenomen. Na 2.5 uur een berichtje dat de bestelling geannuleerd is. Gewacht op letterlijk niks.
lørdag den 18. maj 2024
De black rice optie is is geweldig! Alles ziet er vers uit en de verpakking is grotendeels duurzaam.Tot slot en misschien wel het belangrijkste, het smaakt altijd ontzettend goed. Ik ben fan!
mandag den 13. maj 2024
De kaas ontbrak … en bij nachos is dat heel jammer …. Waren daardoor droog …
lørdag den 04. maj 2024
Peter Muller
fredag den 26. april 2024
De lekkerste Burrito's van Rotterdam. Maar een goedmakertje in de vorm van een armzalig handje nacho-chippies voor het wachten (anderhalf uur) vond ik een beetje cheap eerlijk gezegd.
mandag den 22. april 2024
fredag den 19. april 2024
anita kovacs
søndag den 07. april 2024
Super lekker, goed portie, wij gaan zeker nogmaals bestellen.
lørdag den 06. april 2024


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