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Get your chopsticks ready for Yuki delivery. Whether it's for lunch or dinner, you can always look forward to a taste of Japan on a plate. The Yuki menu features a range of sushi rolls, poke bowls and cutely named Japanini (panini). All your sushi favourites are there, including maki, inside-out and California rolls with a range of fillings. You can order sashimi individually or get one of the pre-set boxes. Enjoy a poke bowl with meat, seafood or veggies, or try Japanini with a range of fillings. There are also unique speciality meals that you can enjoy when you order Yuki.

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Yuki Sushi Leiden

Sushi, Fisk, Poke bowl
Fra 16:00
Fr. 16:00
€ 2,00 - € 4,00