Our affiliate program

Are you interested in becoming an affiliate of Thuisbezorgd.nl? On this page, you’ll find everything about our affiliate program and how to sign up for it.

Why become an affiliate with Thuisbezorgd.nl?

  • You’ll be able to connect your business to the market leading online food delivery marketplace in the Netherlands.
  • Thuisbezorgd.nl has more than 8000 connected restaurants, so your audience has a wider choice and able to order from almost anywhere in the Netherlands.
  • High Conversion Rates.
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How do I become an affiliate?

Do you own a website? Then you could become an affiliate with Thuisbezorgd.nl. We operate our affiliate program through the affiliate marketing network AWIN. Becoming a Thuisbezorgd.nl affiliate is easy. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1

Sign up on AWIN using *this link

Step 2

AWIN verifies your application

Step 3

Apply to Thuisbezorgd.nl program within AWIN

Step 4

Thuisbezorgd.nl reviews your application

Step 5

If approved, you become an affiliate

*Restaurants are excluded for participation in the affiliate program. Click here to join Thuisbezorgd.nl as a restaurant partner.

Our affiliate program in a nutshell

Commission Structure

  • Under 100 orders/month - 3% of the order value*
  • Above 100 orders/month – 4% of the order value*

*Commissions are paid on the order value excluding VAT / sales tax / service charge / delivery charges / credit card fees

Cookie Period

The cookie duration for our affiliate program is 7 days


All campaign performance metrics can be viewed on the AWIN platform on a real-time basis.

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Do you want to know more about our affiliate program? Please refer to our frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.

Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for the affiliate partner program?

Thuisbezorgd.nl operates its affiliate program through the affiliate marketing network-AWIN. This means that you would need to sign up on the AWIN platform as a publisher. You can sign up here.

Can anyone sign up for the affiliate partner program?

If you own a website, you can apply to our affiliate program. Restaurants are excluded from participation in our affiliate program. Click here to join Thuisbezorgd.nl as a restaurant partner.

Can I register multiple websites?

Yes, that is possible. You can mention all your websites under your publisher account when you sign up on AWIN.

Can I register with a social media account only?

We prefer promotions on social media if you have your own website. However, if we see the added value of your promotions through social media, we are willing to consider it.

What is the cookie duration?

The cookie duration is 7 days.

Why was my application rejected by Thuisbezorgd.nl?

This can be due to various reasons such as:

  • Your website is under construction, so we cannot decide on your website;
  • We believe that we are not a good fit for your website;
  • You are an affiliate network, media buyer, plug-in, or extension. These are not the kinds of co-operations that we wish to include in our affiliate program;
  • You want to promote our service on a voucher code website (we prefer only limited co-operations in this category).

Can I apply for affiliate programs in multiple countries?

Yes, that is possible. Once you sign up as a publisher with AWIN, you can apply to our affiliate program across 6 countries (The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Poland) and manage them under one AWIN account.

How often are the orders validated?

We make every effort to validate orders once per week.

What information is shared on the reporting?

Campaign performance can be viewed on the AWIN platform on a real-time basis. Standard metrics available are:

  • Number of click
  • Earnings per click
  • Conversion rate
  • Number of transactions
  • Order value
  • Commission earned

In addition, you can view more detailed performances on the AWIN platform. For example, performance based on creatives, devices and others, across various time frames.

When will I receive the commission?

The commission is paid out twice a month. This goes for all approved orders* and payment will be made through AWIN:

  • on the 1st of the month. If the 1st is not a working day, then payment is made on the first working day after the 1st.
  • on the 15th of the month. If the 15th is not a working day, then payment is made on the first working day after the 15th.

*Minimum commission amount required for making a payout is 20 EUR

Do I need to send an invoice for the commission?

Thuisbezorgd.nl and AWIN don’t require invoices; your commission will be paid to you through AWIN.

What are the program terms and conditions?

You can find all the details regarding our program terms and conditions through the following link: Program Terms

Is Search Engine Advertising allowed?

  • We do not allow search engine advertising on our brand name Thuisbezorgd.nl or any combinations or misspellings of it.
  • It is not allowed to include the name Thuisbezorgd.nl, combinations and/or misspellings in the ad title or ad text.

Further details are available under our program terms and conditions on the AWIN Platform. You can view those here: PPC Terms

What promotional material is available?

On becoming a publisher on the Thuisbezorgd.nl campaign, you have access to all promotional material such as:

  • Text links
  • Static banners
  • HTML banners
  • Data Feeds

You can also find documentation on the AWIN Platform for integrating the promotional material. In case you have special requests for any promotional material, please send a request to AWIN at global-takeawaycom@awin.com.

Is it possible to set up exclusive promotions/out of the box co-operations?

Sure, we are open to that. If you have a good idea for an exclusive promotion/cooperation, please send the proposal for review to us or AWIN.

Do conversions via the Thuisbezorgd.nl app count?

No, these orders will not be allotted to affiliates.

More questions?

For further queries related to:

Program terms & conditions
and commission structure

Please email us at affiliates@takeaway.com.

Signing up, commission payments, promotional material integration and reporting

Please email AWIN at global-takeawaycom@awin.com.