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Meet Vadim

After moving from Slovakia to Amsterdam to live with his girlfriend, Vadim was looking for a job that would have flexible hours whilst keeping him fit. He found all of this at Thuisbezorgd.nl, and even got to know the city along the way.


Vadim is studying to become a personal trainer, so he was looking for a job that would fit in with his lifestyle. “I thought, what job will suit me? I need flexibility and I need a job that will keep me active. Then I saw the guys on the bikes, dressed in orange, and I wanted to know what company it was. I discovered it was food delivery”. 

It turned out to be a great find, and Vadim is now a guy on a bike, dressed in orange, himself. “This job helped me a lot. Of course, money is an important part of it, but the flexible times as well, because I can schedule my own shifts. It keeps me active, so I’m always in good shape, and it’s also nice to be in the fresh air, clearing my mind. I also wanted to get to know the city better, and this job is perfect for that”.

Exploring the city is something Vadim continues to do in his spare time, amongst other things. “Amsterdam is full of opportunities, so after work we go to restaurants, have a coffee, sit by the canals or we go for a ride on our bikes. The country is really nice. And of course, I study for the certification, and at home: we have to take care of cooking, cleaning and our pets. On Friday we usually go out”.


When asked what his aspirations are, he said he possibly wants to become a captain at Thuisbezorgd.nl and, of course, finish his studies. “My life is changing every year, but I’m focusing on becoming a personal trainer, getting my own clients and gaining some experience. Hopefully I will open my own studio some day. Everything is in the stars”. 

Finally, his advice for new drivers: “Get familiar with Google Maps! And the system of street names and numbers. It can be confusing”.

Want to become a Thuisbezorgd.nl courier like Vadim? Apply now. 

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