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Eazie Utrecht

Average 3.6 stars out of 2010 reviews

Did you know that the vast majority of the Eazie menu was developed by a sports dietician with extreme health benefits and fuel consumption in mind? From the low-carb Bombay Curry to energy-rich Udon Noodles with Sweet 'n Sour sauce, you should never feel guilty about the dishes you get when you order Eazie in Utrecht. We all love a good cheat meal every now and then, but the great thing when you get an Eazie delivery in Utrecht is the fact that you get the great taste of a cheat meal without having to cheat at all!

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Eazie voorstraat utrecht

Chinese, Wok, Poke bowl
€ 2,50
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Eazie Utrecht CS

Vegetarian, Wok, Poke bowl
€ 2,99
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