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Guide to ordering food online

How to order food online? The digital age comes with a lot of comfort and ease when you're ordering food online. You don't have to collect paper takeaway menus or safeguard cellphone numbers of your favorite delivery restaurant to get a proper meal. Nowadays your next meal is just a few clicks away, trust us this is the true easy way to takeaway food. Ordering food online is becoming more and more popular but how does it actually work? How can you order your favorite dish online with just the click of your mouse-button or tap on your trackpad, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or any other digital device? It’s easy don't worry, we made a walkthrough for everybody that isn't familiar with food ordering online. In this walkthrough you'll find a few easy steps that help you find the right dish that can be delivered at your home.

So, how do I order food online?

How to order food online? There are three options on how to order food online. You can order food via our website on your laptop or PC, use our mobile website on your smartphone or order via our free Takeaway.com-Apps for Android, iOS or Windows Phone. The process of ordering on each device is easy and works like this;

  1. Enter your location, like address or zip code.
  2. Choose your favorite restaurant in the neighborhood.
  3. Choose the dish(es) to satisfy your hunger.
  4. Select a method of payment. This can be via Paypal, Bitcoin or Credit card or cash.
  5. Wait for the food until it gets delivered at your home.
  6. Enjoy your online ordered takeaway meal!

Easy, peasy if you ask us! Any comments? Give us a shout-out via our Social Media like Facebook or Twitter. Lets find some Chinese food nearby!