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  • Falafel wrap

    Taste the authentic flavors of the Middle East with our falafel wrap! This delicious wrap is filled with our homemade fresh falafel and includes crisp lettuce, pickles, sweet red beets, juicy tomato, fresh parsley and mint. The whole thing is generously topped with tahini sauce and topped with hummus for extra flavor. This flavorful combination of ingredients makes every bite unforgettable. Enjoy the true refined taste of Palestine

    € 8,00

  • Falafel sandwich

    Discover the authentic flavors of Palestine with our falafel sandwich! This delicious sandwich is served on a fresh Palestinian burger bun richly topped with crisp lettuce, pickles, sweet red beets, juicy tomato, fresh parsley and mint. Topped with tahini sauce and generously spread with our homemade hummus. Each ingredient contributes to a perfect balance of flavors that takes you straight to the heart of Palestine. Try it today and experience a falafel sandwich as it was meant to be

    € 8,00

  • Falafel menu

    Discover our delicious falafel menu. Perfect for any lover of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine! This menu offers 10 crispy falafel balls. Fresh and homemade according to a traditional recipe Enjoy with it a fresh tasty salad, generously topped with tahini sauce. Personalize your meal with a choice of extra sambal or creamy hummus. This menu is ideal for a nutritious lunch or dinner. Try it today and indulge your taste buds

    € 15,00

  • Falafel salad

    Enjoy a fresh and flavorful falafel salad, a real treat for the taste buds! This salad combines crisp iceberg lettuce with sweet beet, spicy pickle, and red tomatoes, generously topped with tahini sauce. Add your choice of hummus or chilies and customize the salad to your taste. Our homemade and authentic falafel completes this salad, allowing you to enjoy a fresh and personalized meal every time. Try it now and create your own perfect falafel salad

    € 6,00

Loose falafel

  • 10 pieces of falafel with tahini sauce

    € 12,00

  • 15 pieces of falafel with tahini sauce

    € 17,50

  • 20 pieces of falafel with tahini sauce

    € 23,00

  • 25 pieces of falafel with tahini sauce

    € 26,00


  • Coca-Cola 330ml

    € 2,00

  • Coca-Cola zero sugar 330ml

    € 2,00

  • Pepsi regular 330ml

    € 2,00

  • Ayran 250ml

    € 2,00

  • Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml

    Stimulates Body and Mind. Red Bull Energy Drink is appreciated by top athletes worldwide

    € 3,00

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Super lekker en vers!
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