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Juices and smoothies

  • Smoothie yogurt strawberry

    € 5,50

  • Juice spinach, mango and ginger

    € 4,75

  • Juice iced watermelon

    € 4,75

  • Smoothie mango, coconut and ginger

    € 5,50


  • Focaccia tuna salad

    The famous focaccia tuna salad has been renewed by our chefs. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside with fresh tuna salad and crunchy vegetables
    Ingredients: Focaccia, tuna salad with mayonnaise, pickled red onion, tomato and cress

    € 7,25

  • Focaccia marinated chicken and bean sprouts

    A freshly baked focaccia with tender chicken and crunchy bean sprouts boosted with a special spread
    Ingredients: Focaccia, chicken, bean sprouts, mayonnaise-dairy spread with pickle and onion

    € 7,25

  • Baguette cheese

    Simple and effective: a baguette with butter, lettuce and young matured Beemster cheese.
    Ingredients: Baguette, butter, romaine lettuce, young matured Beemster cheese

    € 6,25

  • Baguette ham off the bone honey mustard

    Baguette with ham off the bone and a fresh spread as a flavor booster.
    Ingredients: Baguette, ham off the bone, honey mustard spread and romaine lettuce

    € 6,50

  • Vegan pita falafel lemon hummus

    Pita, falafel, lemon hummus, tomato, chervil, cilantro and romaine lettuce

    € 8,25

  • Focaccia salmon, cream cheese and horseradish

    Focaccia, herb cream cheese, horseradish, smoked salmon slices, arugula, capers and red onion

    € 7,25

Sweet temptations

  • Butter croissant

    Butter croissant according to a classic French recipe
    Ingredients: Flower, egg and butter

    € 2,75

  • Loaded croissant chocolate

    Discover this pure delight: The Loaded Chocolate Croissant
    Ingredients: flour, egg, cream butter, chocolate shavings pure, cocoa powder, chocolate dip pure

    € 3,25

  • Banana bread

    Irresistible good treat: a slice of our banana bread
    Ingredients: banana, sugar, egg, flour, oil, pecans, pumpkin seeds and cinnamon

    € 3,25

  • Tarte sablée cream strawberry

    Sablée base, yellow cream and strawberry

    € 4,50

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