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July 23rd, 2021

Take advantage of the eat-less-meat trend!

When larger groups are looking to order food, they want to choose a location where everyone can find dishes that meet their diets. If you don’t have vegetarian dishes on the menu, you might not just lose 1 order, but that of an entire group.

Attract new customers
Having vegetarian options means there is an extra reason for customers to look at your menu card. The rest of your menu, maybe even the dishes with meat, might get their attention for orders that follow.

Retain your customers
What if your loyal customers decide they want to eat less meat? You don't want to lose them to a competitor, right?

‘Flexitarians’ on the rise

News & Updates

July 23rd, 2021

Spotlight Domino's: An Interview with Andre ten Wolde

For twelve years Andre ten Wolde was the highest boss of Domino's Pizza in the Netherlands and Belgium. Last year he changed this position for that of Operational Director of Domino's in Europe. We speak to him on one of the few days he is 'at home', in the Netherlands.

"Thuisbezorgd.nl is an important sales channel for us".

Domino's has a strong focus on fast delivery. How important is this delivery time for the success of Domino's?
"The quality of the pizza is and remains the most important thing, but the delivery time obviously has a lot of influence on this. Because the shorter the pizza is on the way, the tastier it stays. So our main concern is not so much that the customer gets the pizza at home very quickly, but rather that we deliver a tasty meal."

Is there still time to be gained in the preparation of your pizzas?