July 30th, 2021 •

• Reading time approximately 2 minutes.

5 self-service tools in your Restaurant Portal

Did you know that there are many changes you can make to your restaurant on Thuisbezorgd.nl by yourself? We have a range of self-service tools available to you in your Restaurant Portal. Log in and use the tools to make swift and convenient changes to your business.

Verify your allergens
It is the law to provide allergen information to your customers. As a restaurant, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your allergen information is accurate and up-to-date.

Easily verify the allergen information of each menu item in the ‘Menu Items’ section. Scroll down to the dish you want to verify, and click on the pen icon. Select the allergens present in that dish and click confirm. Remember, you must always ensure to verify information when adding new menu items.

Mark dishes as sold-out
Avoid cancelled orders with the ability to mark dishes and menu items as sold-out. Doing this temporarily hides the item from your Thuisbezorgd.nl menu.

In the ‘Menu Items’ section you’ll see a column titled ‘Available’. Scroll to the menu item you want to hide and click the toggle switch, which will then turn grey. Ready to feature that item on your menu again? Simply click the toggle switch and it will turn green indicating that the item is now available to order again. You can also mark menu items as sold out on your T-Connect terminal or T-Connect software.

Update opening hours
Ensure your opening hours are always correct to avoid missed orders, or orders you cannot take.

Go to ‘My Restaurant’ and click on ‘Opening hours’. Here you can adjust your regular opening hours for delivery and pickup separately, or your custom hours for specific dates. Learn more here.

Deactivate delivery areas
Deactivating some delivery areas gives you more control over the number of orders coming in without fully closing for delivery on our platform.

Click on ‘My Restaurant’ and select ‘Delivery Areas’. Here you can view all the areas you deliver to. Click the toggle switch for the area you wish to deactivate. Customers in these areas will not be able to order from you until you click the toggle switch again.

Add discounts to your menu
Attract even more customers and orders with discounts.

To add deals to your menu, go to the ‘Discounts’ section under ‘Marketing’. Select ‘Add discount’ to add a special offer on a specific menu item at a fixed amount, e.g. 15% or €5 off. You can choose to run the discount until the end of the current month or for the entire of the following month.