August 23rd, 2021 •

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Boost your performance and profits with Analytics

Data is key for your restaurant as it explains what works well and what needs improving.

That’s why we’ve recently introduced Analytics – a centralised dashboard of the most important data for your business. Analytics gives you a better understanding of the actual success of your restaurant on our platform. Located within your Restaurant Portal, you’ll find all the key metrics broken down to give you the power to make smarter business decisions and in turn increase your revenue.

Explore your restaurant’s performance with Analytics

How does Analytics help my business?

The Analytics section provides you with easy to understand data, such as your total revenue, orders, average order value and much more. The data is centralised and immediately available to you, at any moment, so you don’t waste time gathering data yourself.

Your data is presented using charts for you to clearly see any increase or decrease over time. The time period selection allows you to compare data over a specific period, so you quickly notice any notable changes.

What metrics are available in Analytics?

In the Analytics section of your Restaurant Portal you’ll find data for the following essential metrics:

  • Total revenue
  • Cancellations rate
  • Average order value
  • Revenue and revenue loss
  • Post ordering insights
  • Menu performance
  • Delivery area performance

How can I use this data to increase my revenue?

Orders and sales
Instantly view any changes in the number of orders received over a period of time.
Have your orders decreased? Has there been an increase in the number of cancelled orders? Knowing this information can help you identify the pain points of your customers and to make changes to improve retention.

Delivery and menu
Discover your most popular menu items with the menu performance list. The list shows your menu items from most to least popular, how much sold and the total value sold, all over a selected period of time. Use this information to assess if any items should be removed to cut costs.

You can also view which delivery areas are generating the most revenue for your restaurant, so you can target these areas more effectively.