August 4th, 2021 •

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New: Increase your orders with Order Now Tools

Increase the impact of your current marketing efforts and boost your sales with our new Order Now Tools. Use the tools to direct customers to your restaurant’s page on, via your own channels.

What are Order Now Tools?

Make ordering from your restaurant even quicker and easier and watch your orders grow. With the Order Now Tools you can now generate your unique Order Now button and QR code – all for free!

Order Now button: Embed your very own Order Now button on your own website or in your newsletters to swiftly redirect customers to your menu on

QR code: Add your unique QR code to flyers, posters and more. Your customers can easily scan the code to view your menu and instantly order from you.

How do I get my Order Now Tools?

Follow the steps to download your Order Now Tools directly from your Restaurant Portal:

  • Click on Marketing in the menu and select Order Now Tools – in this section, you will see ‘Overview’, ‘Order Now Buttons’ and ‘QR Code’.
  • Go to the tool you want to use in your marketing channels and follow the steps listed.
  • For more details on how to use these new tools, download the How To guide directly from your Restaurant Portal.

How do I add the Order Now button to my website?

Learn how to add your new Order Now button to your website and how to generate your QR code in our How To guide. Download the guide in the Order Now Tools section of your Restaurant Portal.

How and where can I use my unique QR code?

  • Print the code on flyers, brochures, posters, direct mailers and other marketing or packaging materials
  • Add to marketing emails to your customers
  • Include it in your social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • Add to your signage inside or outside of your restaurant