June 25th, 2021 •

• Reading time approximately 2 minutes.

5 Ways To Boost Your Restaurant on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing platforms for restaurants for one key reason: it’s visual.

People are more engaged when they scroll through pictures in comparison to articles and menus.

We know it’s a great channel to use for your restaurant’s marketing, but how can you use Instagram to your advantage?

Here are five ways to improve your restaurant’s Instagram marketing:

1. Improve your photography

Include more faces in your photos, this will help people connect with your restaurant more than looking only at dishes.

Fill the frame with the food, this gives a nice artistic look that keeps things interesting.

Shoot in natural light and avoid flash photography.

2. Repost your customers

When your customers mention you in their Instagram posts, make sure you reshare them on your profile. Not only does this make the customer feel special because you noticed them, it also shows the rest of your followers that you listen to your customers and care about their experience.

3. Post to your story and use video

Instagram was once made purely for sharing images but those days are long gone. Videos are more engaging, so be sure to take a few a week to post on your story.

4. Use order buttons on your Instagram stories

The only disadvantage of this feature is that you’ll either need to be a verified user or have 10,000 followers or more to use it. If you have either of those, here’s how to do it:

  • Choose a photo to upload to your story
  • Click the icon at the top right of the screen that looks like a chain
  • Click “+URL” to add the link that leads to your restaurant on Thuisbezorgd.nl
  • Enjoy your new orders

5. Use a scheduling tool if you don’t have time to post as often as you want

Sometimes, you simply do not have enough time to post as much as you would like. This is where your scheduling tool comes in. You can set some time aside once per week to line up your posts and they will be automatically published on the day you choose.