February 17th, 2021 •

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Capture the taste

Do’s and Don’ts of food photography. Treat consumers to a ‘Feast for the eyes’ by capturing the beauty of your menu. Including images of your dishes means consumers will know what to expect and will help increase orders! Here are some tips on how to get the best pictures for your menu.


Use fresh ingredients. Always use fresh ingredients. The bright colours of your ingredients will make your picture pop and be more appealing. For extra vibrance spray your food with some water.

Get the lighting right. Lighting can make an incredible difference to the appearance of your food. For best results use natural lighting and avoid camera flash and shadows.

Keep it simple. Clutter in the background takes the attention away from the dish. Remove any unnecessary items in the background to keep the focus on your food.


Use your phone. For high quality, impactful images it’s best to hire a professional photographer. This avoids blurry, dull pictures and will ensure that your food looks mouth-watering.

Use dirty plates. Dirty plates can be really distracting. Clean up any stray ingredients before the photoshoot. An unclean background also looks careless and messy – not the best image for your restaurant!

Ignore the importance of angles. The right angle can highlight the beauty of your food. Foods such as curry should be shot overhead, but for burgers it’s best to capture from the side to show all the juicy ingredients.

Get your pictures on our platform

Want to include images on our platform? We are here to help! Here are the steps to get your images on our platform:

  • Make a request through Customer Service by contacting them on info@thuisbezorgd.nl. 
  • Customer Services will send you an email with guidelines on how to take suitable pictures.
  • Make sure that every photo you submit is according to the guidelines.
  • Customer service will then inform you once your images have been added.

When making a request to add images to your menu here is what you should and shouldn’t do.


  • Submit high quality images (preferably 72 dpi)
  • Size images to 500 x 500px
  • Remove the background of the image


  • Add taglines, city names, slogans, prices or logos. Images should be free of text
  • Show more than one dish in the image
  • Submit copyrighted images