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Thrill Grill

Average 3.2 stars out of 441 reviews

Let's be honest, there are no takeaway meals that taste better or feel naughtier than good old-fashioned burgers, and this is undoubtedly the case when you order Thrill Grill! The choice of burgers is huge, from the Classic Beef Thriller and the Peruvian Beef Thriller to the Blue Cheese Thriller burger. There's even a completely plant-based Vegan Thriller burger available. Whether you're a meat-eater or not, you are sure to find something you'll enjoy on the Thrill Grill menu. When you have nothing in the kitchen and want a satisfying meal, getting Thrill Grill delivery is a perfect solution.

Thrill Grill restaurants

Order with Thrill Grill in Amsterdam

(90) (90)

Thrill Grill Amsterdam De Pijp

Burgers, Salads
From 16:30
Fr. 16:30
€ 0,00 - € 4,59

Order with Thrill Grill in Haarlem

(272) (272)

Thrill Grill Haarlem

Burgers, Salads
From 12:00
Fr. 12:00
€ 2,49 - € 4,59

Order with Thrill Grill in Rotterdam

(41) (41)

Thrill Grill To Go

Burgers, Fries
€ 2,29 - € 4,59

Order with Thrill Grill in Utrecht

(38) (38)

Thrill Grill Overvecht

Burgers, Salads, Fries
From 17:00
Fr. 17:00
€ 3,00