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Popularne ❤️

Summer dive menu

  • Iced mango matcha

    Cold matcha latte with mango, made with coconut drink

    € 5,45

  • Salad protein pearls

    Fresh salad packed with protein from legumes with mango, vegetarian chicken 'pieces', avocado, cashew nuts, quinoa and coconut

    € 14,95

Cream cheese bagels

  • Bagel cream cheese

    Freshly baked bagel with cream cheese

    € 5,50

  • Bagel avocado

    Freshly baked bagel with avocado, tomato, lettuce and cream cheese

    € 8,90

  • Bagel pastrami

    Freshly baked bagel with lukewarm pastrami, sweet and sour pointed cabbage, caramelized onion chutney, lettuce and mustard seeds

    € 9,80

  • Bagel Thai chicken chili

    Freshly baked bagel with Thai sweet chili cream cheese (vegan), vegan chicken pieces, seroendeng and cucumber

    € 8,75

  • Bagel vega love

    Freshly baked bagel with grilled vegetables, Parmigiano Reggiano, pesto, pine nut mix, arugula and cream cheese

    € 8,95

Salmon specials

  • The classic

    Freshly baked bagel with wild Alaskan salmon from Fishtales, capers, onions, cream cheese and lettuce

    € 11,75

  • Wild Alaskan salmon Japanese

    Freshly baked bagel with wild Alaskan salmon from Fishtales, wasabi mayonnaise, furikake (sesame seaweed chips), cucumber and lettuce

    € 11,95

  • Wild Alaskan salmon with avocado

    Freshly baked bagel with wild Alaska salmon from Fishtales, with avocado, mustard mayonnaise, onions and capers

    € 11,95

Special bagels

  • Spicy tuna

    Freshly baked bagel with Fishtales tuna salad, avocado, mild sambal, tomato, sesame and lettuce

    € 9,25

  • Bali

    Freshly baked bagel with vegetarian 'chicken' pieces, peanut lime dressing, fried onions, cashew nuts, mild sambal and lettuce

    € 9,80

  • Carpaccio

    Freshly baked bagel with carpaccio, Parmigiano Reggiano, truffle mayonnaise, seed mix and arugula

    € 9,75

  • Mozzarella di bufala

    Freshly baked bagel with green pesto, tomato, mozzarella di bufala, basil and pine nut mix

    € 8,75

  • Heilig boontje

    Freshly baked bagel with curry hummus, 'chicken' pieces, beans, curry sauce, serundeng, mild sambal and lettuce

    € 10,95

Warm bagels

  • Tuna melt

    Warm bagel with tuna salad (Fishtales), melted Cheddar, capers and onions

    € 8,95

  • Tuna samurai

    Warm bagel with Fishtales tuna salad, melted cheddar, seaweed chips, seaweed caviar and sesame

    € 9,25

  • BLT

    Warm bagel with Livar bacon, tomato, lettuce, pine nut mix and BLT mayonnaise

    € 8,45

  • Grilled cheese bagel

    Warm bagel with Livar ham, young matured cheese, tomato, ketchup and chives. Melted in the oven

    € 7,65

  • Grilled cheese pastrami bagel

    Warm bagel with pastrami, young matured cheese, tomato and onion chutney. Melted in the oven

    € 8,65

  • Paddo burger

    Warm bagel with a mushroom burger, lettuce, Parmesan cheese, pine nut mix and truffle mayonnaise

    € 9,25

Sweet bagels

  • Banana & maple syrup bagel

    Freshly baked bagel with banana, maple syrup and cinnamon

    € 5,95

  • Strawberry jelly bagel

    Freshly baked bagel with strawberry jam and plain cream 'cheese'

    € 4,95

  • Hagelslag

    Freshly baked bagel with Fairtrade chocolate sprinkles and plain cream 'cheese'

    € 4,95


  • Magic mango

    Mango coconut yogurt with a mix of dried fruit, nuts and seeds with mango pieces, coconut rind and mint

    € 7,90

  • Pink pineapple

    Organic whole yogurt tarragon fruit, pineapple puree, granola with coconut and mango, banana and orange

    € 8,50


  • Wild Alaska salmon salad Japanese

    Salad with wood-smoked Alaska salmon from Fish Tales, buckwheat salad mix, wasabi mayonnaise, sesame-seaweed chips and mixed lettuce

    € 14,95

  • Bali salad

    Salad with vegetarian 'chicken' pieces, peanut lime dressing, quinoa salad mix, fried onions, cashew nuts, beans, mild sambal and mixed lettuce

    € 14,95

  • Panzanella salade

    Panzanella salad with lukewarm grilled vegetables, arugula, tomato, mozzarella di bufala, Parmigiano Reggiano, veggie bagel croutons, pesto, pine nut mix and basil

    € 12,95

Single bagels

  • Single bagel

    Freshly baked bagel of your choice

    € 1,80

  • Six for five bagels

    Freshly baked bagel of your choice

    € 9,10

  • Single cream cheese 100 grams

    A tray with 100 grams of cream cheese or vegan cream cheese of your choice

    € 4,35

Cake and sweet

  • Cheesecake

    Cheesecake according to your own recipe, with a base of Bastogne biscuits

    € 5,20

  • Caramelo bar

    A vegan and gluten-free bar with a filling of almonds, dates and maple which forms a creamy caramel layer. Topped with a chocolate layer and a hint of coconut

    € 5,35

  • Banana bread

    Vegan banana bread with dark chocolate and walnut pieces

    € 4,10

  • Apple pie

    Apple pie with raisins, custard and oat flakes

    € 5,20

  • Good morning muffin

    Well-filled whole grain muffin with pineapple, banana, honey and nuts

    € 4,60

  • Coconut macaroon cookie

    Freshly baked coconut macaroon with pieces of white chocolate

    € 2,20

  • Date tart

    Our good old date tart

    € 5,20

  • CinnaBun

    Crunchy freshly baked cinnamon roll

    € 4,00

  • Not so pink cake

    Just as delicious as a pink cake, but green with pandan and coconut

    € 3,00

Fresh juice

  • Strawberry

    Fresh juice with strawberry

    € 4,30

  • Mango

    Fresh juice with mango

    € 4,30

  • Banana

    Fresh juice with banana

    € 4,30

  • Everything mixed

    Mix of strawberry, mango and banana

    € 4,30

  • Orange

    Freshly squeezed orange juice

    € 4,20

  • No stress!!

    Fresh carrot, orange, ginger juice and a royal jelly shot

    € 5,30

  • Jungle juice

    Fresh juice with spinach, broccoli, avocado, wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina, mango and apple juice

    € 5,30

  • Carrot

    Freshly squeezed carrot juice

    € 4,25


  • Sweet iced coffee

    Iced coffee made according to our own Bagels & Beans recipe, blended with ice cubes

    € 4,40

  • Iced latte

    Iced coffee with ice cubes, milk and espresso

    € 4,40

  • Apple juice

    Apple juice. Without added sugar

    € 3,80

  • Golden coconut drink

    Cold drink with coconut drink, turmeric spice mix and cinnamon. Sweetened with maple syrup

    € 4,95

  • Organic coke

    Organic Tomarchio cola from Sicily

    € 4,30

  • Watermelon hibiscus drink

    Sparkling watermelon hibiscus drink with watermelon scoops and mint

    € 4,95

  • Mango ginger drink

    Sparkling mango ginger drink with mango pieces and mint

    € 4,95

  • Water kefir

    Natural probiotic drink with green apple flavor

    € 5,05

    wliczono kaucję (€ 0,15)
  • Ginger beer XL

    Refreshing ginger beer from Bundaberg

    € 5,35


  • Ginger shot

    Refreshing fresh kickstarter of pure ginger

    € 2,25

  • Energy boost

    Ampoule with ginseng, maca, guarana and ginger

    € 1,95

  • Royal jelly

    Ampoule with royal jelly, floral honey and concentrated orange juice

    € 1,95

  • Sapinca Power Roots

    Elixir with 10 powerful root species

    € 3,25

Coffee beans for at home

  • Coffee beans for at home 250 grams

    Enjoy our exclusive coffee beans at home, from small-scale family plantations in Peru and Honduras. 100% Arabica

    € 8,75

  • Coffee beans for at home 1 kilo

    Enjoy our exclusive coffee beans at home, from small-scale family plantations in Peru and Honduras. 100% Arabica

    € 26,95

O firmie
isa van vugt
wtorek, 23 lipca 2024
Czas dostawy
Heerlijk broodjes besteld. De pastrami was erg lekker en de Bali viel ook erg in de smaak! Zeker aan te raden.
Mila Faber
czwartek, 18 lipca 2024
Czas dostawy
Snel geleverde bagels en drankjes die heerlijk smaakte. Zal er zeker weer bestellen!
Nina Carstens
piątek, 12 lipca 2024
Czas dostawy
De bagels en sapjes waren echt super vers en echt heel lekker!
Mirjam Van der Linde
piątek, 12 lipca 2024
Sam de Wit
środa, 10 lipca 2024
Czas dostawy
De bagel was vers en vol belegd, dit ga ik vaker bestellen. Het sapje was ook heerlijk!
Sterre Zwart
wtorek, 09 lipca 2024
Czas dostawy
Hele lekkere bagels, vooral de carpaccio is een aanrader!
Bas van Horne
piątek, 05 lipca 2024
Czas dostawy
De locatie aan de Twijnstraat is altijd een fijne plek om te lunchen en nu hadden we dezelfde ervaring thuis. Heerlijk rijkbelegde Bagels die snel werden bezorgd. De Iced Mango Matcha is zeker een aanrader!
sobota, 29 czerwca 2024
Lisa van de Brug
poniedziałek, 24 czerwca 2024
niedziela, 23 czerwca 2024
Czas dostawy
Boring bagels. No salt. No flavour. Dont know why this place is so popular in NL

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