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  • Starters
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  • Curries
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Soups vegetarian

  • Melagu rasam

    A great start to any meal or even had by itself, spiced tomato broth simmered with coriander, cumin and a generous sprinkle of crushed peppercorns

    € 4,50

  • Thakkali rasam

    A simple yet tasty broth of tomato with tartness from tamarind a subtle kick of chilli

    € 4,50


  • Kozhi kurmilagu chaaru

    Fragrant chicken soup cooked in Indian spices, paired with a generous garnish of fresh coriander

    € 5,50

  • Nandu rasam

    Sea crab simmered in spicy broth, packed with Indian herbs and spices

    € 6,50

Starters vegetarian

  • Keerai vadai

    Crunchy fritters of fresh greens, lentils, fennel and cumin

    € 7,50

  • Medu vadai

    A Indian savoury doughnut, crispy on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside

    € 7,50

  • Rasam vadai

    Balls of deep-fried urad dal batter simmered in an aromatic and spicy tomato broth with herbs

    € 7,50

  • Urulai bonda

    Spiced potato masala encased in flour batter and fried golden

    € 8,00

  • Podi bonda

    Crispy fried lentil dumplings tossed in a spicy blend of gun powder and curry leaves

    € 9,50

  • Mini podi idly 14 pieces

    A choice of steamed idly (steamed rice cakes) tossed in spiced gunpowder, roasted and spiced dal with a drizzle of aromatic homemade ghee

    € 9,00

  • Beetroot kola urundai

    Subtle sweet beet meets spiced lentil to form a kofta, deep-fried

    € 10,00

  • Milagai bajji

    Deep fried fritters of mild banana peppers

    € 8,00

  • Onion mundri pakoda

    A popular Indian street snack of various shredded vegetables, generously coated in batter and deep fried

    € 11,00

  • Vegetable samosa

    Pockets of crispy pastry with a vegetable filling

    € 8,50

  • Paneer ghee roast

    A Mangalorean specialty of cottage cheese simmered in slow roasted chili, select spices and a douse of aromatic clarified butter

    € 14,00

  • Gobi 65

    Crispy batter-fried cauliflower, tossed in ground spice and seasoned curry leaves

    € 10,00

  • Veg sampler

    A platter of our savory starters: 2 pieces of medu vadas, 2 pieces of samosas, 2 pieces of keratin vadas and 2 pieces of urulai bondas

    € 17,50

Tandoori starters vegetarian

  • Tulasi paneer tikka

    Succulent soft cubes of malai paneer marinated in an aromatic paste of muddled basil, fresh garlic and hung curd, cooked in the tandoor

    € 17,00

  • Tandoori pineapple

    Ripe, sweet pineapple coated in select Indian spices, skewered and cooked in our traditional tandoor with a subtle smokey char

    € 13,00


  • Chicken lollipop

    Chicken wings, dressed and prepped in a spiced batter and deep-fried

    € 12,00

  • Kori ghee roast (boneless)

    A Mangalorean bunt specialty of diced chicken simmered in slow roasted chilli, select spices and a douse of aromatic clarified butter, packed with flavour and spice

    € 15,00

  • Kori kempu bezzule (boneless)

    Cubed chicken fried in a traditional Mangalorean marinade of freshly ground spicy, yogurt and a kick of green chilli

    € 13,00

  • Mangalorean mutton chukka

    A signature dish of cooked succulent lamb with an blend of flavors from Tamil Nadu in South India

    € 16,00

  • Meen polichathu

    Fish richly coated with a spicy masala of tomatoes and onions. Wrapped in banana leaf and then steamed

    € 18,00

  • Chemeen fry

    Sweet, succulent bay prawn tossed in a rich, Southern spice blend

    € 16,00

  • Prawn milagu

    Starter of succulent prawns tossed in a mix of pepper, cumin and select Indian spices

    € 17,00

  • Chicken 65

    An entrée of chicken cubes marinated in a red, spicy batter and deep-fried

    € 11,00

Tandoori starters

  • Tandoori chicken

    India's celebrated tandoori flavour of earthy smoked spices, ginger, garlic and a squeeze of lemon marinated into a whole chicken and cooked in an Indian tandoor oven

    € 18,00

  • Lasooni tangdi

    Chicken drumsticks marinated in garlic, smoked spices and yogurt, cooked to a subtle char over the tandoor

    € 18,00

  • Mutton seekh kebab

    A preparation of minced and spiced mutton meat shaped into kebabs and oven cooked

    € 20,00

  • Hariyali murg kebab

    Cubes of succulent chicken in a refreshing green marinade of fresh mint,coriander,pepper and chilli, skewered and tandoor cooked

    € 19,00

  • Murgh malai kebab

    Succulent pieces of chicken marinated in cream, cheese and subtle spice, cooked over a hot tandoor

    € 19,00

  • Ajwani fish tikka

    Succulent cubes of fish marinated in a spice mix and carom seeds, cooked in tandoor

    € 19,00

  • Tandoori achari jhinga

    Fresh prawns marinated in peppery curds, gently skewered and tandoor cooked for a creamy yet smoky taste

    € 21,00

  • Non-vegetarian tandoori platter

    A gastronomical platter with tandoori dishes

    € 24,00

Curries vegetarian

  • Manathakkali vathal signature

    Served with sona masoori rice. Our signature curry of black nightshade berries in a fragrant base of tamarind and red chili peppers known as Vathal Kozhambu in south india

    € 17,00

  • Pachakari kurma

    Served with sona masoori rice, spring vegetables cooked in Kerala style coconut and cashew curry. Garnished with nuts

    € 16,00

  • Arachivitaa sambar

    Served with fluffy sona masoori rice. Cooked with lentils in stone ground spices, drumstick and succulent madrias onion

    € 13,50

  • Kadala curry

    Served with parotta. A curry eaten in India for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A mix of coarse coconut and spices cooked with chickpeas

    € 17,00

  • Malai kofta

    Served with basmathi rice. Fried cottage cheese dumplings slow simmered in a subtle, aromatic and creamy cashew-based sauce.

    € 17,00

  • Dal makhni

    Served with aromatic, long-grained basmati rice. The queen of Indian dal dishes, a sumptuous curry of whole black lentil cooked down in an aromatic base of cream, butter and dried fenugreek leaves

    € 15,00

  • Dal tadka

    Served with aromatic, long-grained basmati rice. A hearty dish of split yellow lentil cooked and seasoned with garlic, tomato and cumin

    € 14,00

  • Aloo gobi

    Served with aromatic, long-grained basmati rice. An essential veggie duo in India, cubes of potato and florets of cauliflower cooked into a curry with select Indian spices

    € 15,00

  • Paneer butter masala

    Served with aromatic, long-grained basmati rice. A cult-favourite of sumptuous cottage cheese cubes cooked in a base gravy of caramelised onion, tomato and aromats with a deep swirl of fresh cream and butter

    € 17,00

  • Palak paneer

    Served with aromatic, long-grain basmati rice. A North Indian delicacy succulent cottage cheese in a gravy of pureed spinach cooked with onions, butter and chili

    € 17,00


  • Kozhi milagu curry

    Served with Parotta; crispy layered flatbread. A peppery treat of boneless chicken mixed with ground black pepper, fennel and aromatics

    € 18,00

  • Egg roast

    Served with Parotta; flaky, crispy layered flatbread. A dish of hard-boiled eggs tossed in a spicy mixture of caramelised onion, ripe tomatoes and select spices from the Malabar region of India

    € 15,00

  • Kozhi chettinad (boneless)

    Served with sona masoori rice. A traditional rustic dish from the Chettinad Region - succulent boneless chicken cooked in a spice accentuated curry base and secret hand ground aromats

    € 18,00

  • Kori gassi

    Served with fluffy sona masoori rice. A classic combo of chicken and cooked in a curry of coconut and cashew nuts

    € 19,00

  • Butter chicken

    Served with aromatic, long grained basmati rice. An indian delicacy of succulent chicken cubes simmered in a creamy tomato sauce with notes of spice, fenugreek leaves and a glaze of butter

    € 19,50

  • Palak chicken

    Served with aromatic, long-grained basmati rice. A North Indian delicacy; succulent chicken in a gravy of puréed spinach cooked down with onions, butter and chilli

    € 18,50

  • Murgh kurchan

    Served with aromatic, long grained basmati rice. Julienned chicken cooked into a spiced bed of capsicum, onion and tomato

    € 18,00

  • The Madras Diaries lamb curry

    Served with airy sona masoori rice. A distinctive curry of tender lamb cooked in an aromatic curry of cashew nuts, ground spices and creamy coconut from Madras in South India.

    € 19,50

  • Karur mutton salna

    Served with parotta: crispy layered flatbread. Tender lamb cooked in a thick, aromatic broth of secret spices native to the Karur region of southern India

    € 19,00

  • Gosht rogan josh

    Served with aromatic, long grained basmati rice. A Kashmiri delicacy of tender lamb cooked in caramelized browned onion, bright Kashmiri red chilli and a handful of select Indian spices

    € 19,00

  • Nandu kara kozhambu

    Indigenous spiced curry from Tamil Nadu. Sea crab simmered in a coconut milk curry base. Most delicious with hot rice

    € 21,00

  • Nandu milagu peratal

    Served with fluffy sona masoori rice. Shelled crab tossed in a spicy, well-seasoned blend of flavour from pepper, cumin, ginger, garlic and chilli

    € 20,00

  • Gramathu meen kozhambu

    Served with fluffy sona masoori rice. Fragrant curry of fish simmered in a tart and spicy tomato, tamarind base and home ground spices from a recipe passed down for generations of fisherfolk. Best enjoyed with a side of hot, steamed rice

    € 19,00

  • The Madras Diaries prawn curry

    Served with fluffy sona masoori rice. A balance of sweet, tender prawns cooked in an aromatic curry of tamarind, ground spices and creamy coconut. A specialty all the way from Madras in South India

    € 21,50

  • Royyala vepudu

    Served with fluffy sona masoori rice. A homestyle delicacy from Andhra cuisine; prawn sautéed in a spicy ground masala blend and tempered with curry leaves and coriander

    € 19,50

Salads vegetarian

  • Green salad

    A classic to accompany your delicious meal, farm fresh carrot, tomato, cucumber and onion on a bed of crunchy lettuce

    € 7,00

Biriyani vegetarian

  • Kaikari biriyani

    An aromatic main dish of slow cooked rice in a base of clarified butter, aromats, woody spices and fresh, julienned vegetables

    € 18,00


  • Pallipalayam kozhi biriyani

    Steaming, sumptuous South Indian Kongu style of spicy chicken biriyani cooked with the celebrated jeeraga samba rice and layered with fresh mint, coriander and green chilli

    € 19,00

  • Hyderabadi gosht dum biriyani

    Traditional biriyani hailing from the state of Andhra Pradesh, layered of fragrant saffron accented rice and succulent spiced lamb cooked along with added 'Dum' to encase and amplify flavour and smokiness

    € 21,00

Tiffin vegetarian

  • Thattu idly 1 piece

    Our signature dish of savoury rice cakes, steamed in a deep plate, garnished with a blend of roasted ground dal and spices

    € 6,50

  • Mini sambar idly 14 pieces

    A choice of steamed idli (savoury rice cakes) in piping hot, spiced sambar

    € 9,50

  • Plain dosa

    Crispy savoury crêpes with slightly sour notes, best eaten hot and dipped into our accompaniments of sambar and chutney

    € 9,60

  • Mysore masala dosa

    The king among Dosa. Crispy savoury crêpe basted with a layer of ground secret spice and stuffed with a delicious potato filling

    € 11,70

  • Masala dosa

    Our signature dish of soft, savoury, spiced potato encased in a crispy glistening dosa

    € 11,00

  • Ghee dosa

    Crispy, savoury crêpe, cooked to perfection and topped with a generous glaze of fragrant clarified butter

    € 11,10

  • Onion dosa

    Crispy dosa stuffed with freshly chopped and sautéed red onion

    € 10,50

  • Podi dosa

    Golden brown dosa laced with roasted ground dal and spices, also known as 'Gunpowder' or simply 'Podi'

    € 10,50

  • Uthappam

    A thicker version of the dosa, made with aerated batter for soft deliciousness. South Indian savoury pancake

    € 9,90

  • Onion uthappam

    Stone cooked uthappam topped with a garnish of onion

    € 10,50

  • Vegetable uthappam

    Stone-cooked uthappam topped with a garnish of fresh veggies

    € 10,50


  • Egg dosa

    Dosa cooked with beaten eggs, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside

    € 11,00

  • Kozhi milagu dosa

    Our signature dish of golden brown dosa, perfectly stuffed with a peppered and spiced chicken stir-fry

    € 15,00

  • Kari chukka dosa

    Dry-roasted spiced meat stuffed into a crispy dosa and cooked to golden-brown deliciousness

    € 16,00

Indian breads vegetarian

  • Malabar parotta

    A culinary star from the Malabar coast. Gorgeously flaky, hand kneaded leavened flatbread cooked in a generous drizzle of fat

    € 4,00

  • Veg kothu parotta

    Bursting with flavour in every bite. Shredded parotta tossed in spiced vegetables for a tasty toothsome meal

    € 13,00

  • Chapathi

    The humble, hearty everyday staple in the kitchen. Hand kneaded and rolled flatbread of whole wheat flour

    € 4,00

  • Plain naan

    A chewy flatbread made with leavened flour, perfect with our opulent curries

    € 4,80

  • Butter naan

    A chewy flatbread made with leavened flour, perfect with our opulent curries tossed with butter

    € 4,70

  • Garlic naan

    A chewy flatbread made with leavened flour, perfect with our opulent curries tossed with garlic

    € 5,40

  • Plain kulcha

    An Indian specialty flatbread, lightly leavened to a soft, irresistible texture, pairs well with curries

    € 4,00

  • Onion kulcha

    Leavened soft flatbread stuffed with caramelised onions

    € 6,00

  • Aloo kulcha

    Leavened soft flatbread stuffed with spice rub

    € 6,00

  • Tandoori roti

    A hearty bread option of whole wheat flatbread, hand kneaded and oven-cooked in the tandoor

    € 4,80

  • Cheese naan

    A chewy flatbread made with leavened flour, perfect with our opulent curries tossed with cheese

    € 4,50

  • Peshwari naan

    A regal rendition of the celebrated flatbread. Stuffed with almond slivers, sweet raisins and desiccated coconut, and tandoor cooked to perfection

    € 5,50

  • Tandoori roti butter

    Whole-wheat flatbread cooked the traditional way in a tandoor oven, slathered generously with melted butter

    € 3,50

  • Pudina paratha

    Kneaded and layered whole-wheat dough, tandoor cooked with the addition of a subtle spice and mint garnish

    € 4,00

Indian breads

  • Egg kothu parotta

    Shredded and tossed flay parotta in flavour packed spiced, homestyle scrambled eggs

    € 15,00

  • Chicken kothu parotta

    A spicy and scintillating mix of shredded, flaky parotta tossed into a secret mix of spiced chicken julienne and homestyle scrambled eggs

    € 16,00

Side dishes

  • Cucumber raita

    A refreshing blend of salted, diced cucumber in cool, creamy yogurt

    € 4,00

  • Vegetable raita

    Assorted salad veggies minced and stirred into salted creamy yogurt

    € 4,00

  • Mixed pickle

    A spicy preserve of assorted veggies, prepared the south indian way

    € 3,00

  • Mango chutney

    Relish of tender mango slivers, candied and stewed the desi way

    € 3,00

  • Appalam

    Crispy fried circles of seasoned rice and dal flour

    € 2,00

  • Salna

    Tangy, tart and spicy tomato and onion based curry, spiced and best accompanied with parotta or other layered indian breads

    € 4,00

  • Sambar

    A South Indian-staple paired with anything from dosa and idly to rice preparations, lentils cooked in home-style vegetables

    € 4,00

  • Idiyappam

    A light dish of rice flour steamed into cakes and pressed into fine noodle roundels

    € 6,50


  • Asoka halwa

    Light pudding of stewed moong dal, sweetened and enriched by a glaze of clarified butter

    € 6,00

  • Gulab jamun

    € 6,00

  • Carrot halwa

    Tender carrot slivers cooked down in a creamy base of milk, sugar and aromatic ghee, garnished with a generous serving of nuts and a touch of fragrant cardamom

    € 7,00

Rice vegetarian

  • Steamed sona masoori

    Fragrant, steamed sona masoori rice

    € 4,00

  • Steamed basmati rice

    Steamed longer grained basmati rice

    € 4,00


  • Mango lassi

    Blend of luscious ripe mango in thick, sweetened churned yogurt

    € 7,20

  • Rose milk

    Cold milk infused with sweetened rose syrup

    € 7,50

  • Fanta

    € 3,00

  • Coca-Cola

    € 3,00

  • Sprite

    € 3,00

  • Kingfisher beer


    € 3,50

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Food was good and order arrived in reasonable time.
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Order was cancelled after 75mins. Really poor service and response !
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Het eten was heerlijk, werd op tijd geleverd. Het enige wat jammer was dat er geen groente bij de gerechten zat, maar we zagen later dat dat onze fout was, had er los bijbesteld moeten worden.

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