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van der Valk

Średnia 4.5 na 5 gwiazdek z 244 opinii

Get a tasty local meal brought to your door with van der Valk delivery in the Netherlands. The van der Valk menu features a range of Dutch and international flavours. The multi-course meal selection will surely delight everyone at the table. The seasonal menu changes regularly, such as classic pan-fried cod with red beetroot to pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce. Get a complete three-course set to celebrate a special occasion, or go à la carte and put together your own quick and tasty lunch. You'll find no shortage of options when you order van der Valk in the Netherlands.

van der Valk restaurants

Zamów z restauracji van der Valk w Breukelen

(185) (185)

Hotel Breukelen

Lunch, Kanapki, Sałatki
€ 2,50

Zamów z restauracji van der Valk w Zuidbroek

(59) (59)

Van der Valk Zuidbroek

Żeberka, Ryby, Gulasz
€ 4,50