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Wok to Go Rotterdam

Średnia 4 na 5 gwiazdek z 3671 opinii

Tasty meals with authentic Asian flavours arrive freshly cooked at your door with Wok To Go delivery in Rotterdam. Choose from chicken, beef, shrimp, fish and vegetarian dishes from the Wok To Go menu. You can pick from fried rice, noodles or udon to create the ultimate wok dish. Popular stir-fries include Crunchy Satay Chicken, Kung Pao Mix, Teriyaki Chicken and Tjap Tjoy. Alternatively, design your own wok box with your selection of ingredients. There are also savoury sandwiches and snacks like chicken wings and spring rolls. Make your tastebuds happy and order Wok To Go in Rotterdam today!

Wok to Go restaurants in Rotterdam

Zamów z restauracji Wok to Go w Rotterdam

(3612) (3.6k)

Wok to Go Delfshaven

Chińska, Wietnamska, Lunch
€ 1,45 - € 3,50
(59) (59)

Wok to Go Coolsingel

Chińska, Wok, Kanapki
€ 1,50
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