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  • 9-pack chocolates Australian

    9 exclusive premium dreamers wrapped in a box

    € 13,25

  • 16-steelbox Australian

    A luxurious golden box with 16 dreamers

    € 24,95

  • 12-bag chocolates Australian

    Assortment of 12 Australian bonbons

    € 17,25

  • 6-bag chocolates Australian

    Assortment of 6 Australian bonbons

    € 8,50

  • 16-box Australian chocolates

    Assortment of 16 Australian chocolates

    € 22,50

  • Australian coffee beans 1kg bag dark roasted

    € 19,95

  • David Rio chai can

    € 13,95

Sweets and snacks

  • Waffle

    Liege waffle with powdered sugar

    € 3,95

  • Waffle with scoop ice cream of your choice

    € 6,50

  • 5-box macarons


    € 9,95

  • 5-bag cream truffles Bijenkorf

    Creamy artisan truffles from the master patissier at de Bijenkorf

    € 5,95

  • Mini pie red velvet

    € 3,95

  • Mini pie Oreo

    € 3,95

  • Vegan raw bite chocolate hazelnut

    Raw cake with 3 layers. Base of dates and almonds. chocolate mousse with hazelnut pieces. Gluten free, plant based, vegan

    € 3,75

  • Vegan raw bite raspberry lime

    Raw cake with 3 layers. A bottom made of cashew nuts, dates and almonds. A layer of lime mousse and a layer of raspberry mousse. This raw cake contains cashew nuts and dates. Gluten free, vegan, plant based

    € 3,75

  • Vegan raw bite raspberry blueberry

    Raw cake with 3 layers. A base made of dates and almonds, a layer of raspberry mousse and a layer of blueberry mousse. Pieces of pistachio nuts as decoration. Gluten free, vegan, plant based

    € 3,75

  • Vegan raw bite lime mango

    Raw cake with 3 layers. A base made of dates and almonds, a layer of lime mousse and a layer of mango mousse. Gluten free, vegan, plant based

    € 3,75

  • Vegan raw bite caramel chocolate

    Raw cake with 3 layers. A base made of dates and almonds, a caramel layer made of dates and a layer of chocolate. Gluten free, vegan, plant based

    € 3,75

  • Vegan raw bite tiramisu

    Raw cake with 3 layers. A base made of dates and almonds, a layer of coffee mousse, a layer of vanilla mouse and a layer of chocolate. The vanilla mousse is made with Madagascar vanilla. Vegan, gluten free, plant based

    € 3,75

  • Raw cake bite box 6 pieces

    These raw cake bites are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and without refined sugar. Made with ingredients such as coconut, dates, almonds and cashews. Size 5 cm. We have selected 6 bites: lime mango, raspberry blueberry, caramel chocolate, tiramisu, raspberry lime and chocolate hazelnuts.

    € 21,95

    0,0% vol
  • Mini marshmallows bag

    € 1,75

  • Rebellious red velvet (slice)

    Beautiful and airy red velvet cake with a cream cheese cream filling and topping

    € 4,25

  • Cheeky chocolate (slice)

    Rich dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache, with chocolate pieces and topped with real cocoa

    € 4,25

  • Bombastic brownie slice

    A luxurious brownie cake with millionaire caramel, brownie cubes, pecan nuts and chocolate decoration

    € 4,25

  • Crazy carrot cake slice

    Creamy carrot cake with fresh carrot, pecan nuts and a cream cheese filling. The carrot cake is filled with almost 20% pieces of fresh carrot

    € 4,25

  • Vegan strawberry pastry

    A vegan strawberry mousse between layers of chocolate sponge cake with strawberry cubes in a soft mousse. Decorated with crunchy chocolate pieces and a fruity strawberry topping.

    € 4,25

  • Summerberry stack slice

    A combination of fresh summer fruit with a swirl of key lime pie filling on a lemon cake. Topped with a silky white chocolate cheesecake and a crunchy bottom

    € 5,99

  • Rainbow cake slice

    A 5 layer colored cake with a buttercream finish. A colorful festive cake

    € 4,50

  • Gluten and lactose free chocolate pastry

    Gluten- and lactose-free chocolate bavarois between Viennese cake with lactose-free cream and low-fat cocoa. Please note: Lactose-free products are not necessarily dairy-free. Dairy products may have been used from which the lactose has been removed

    € 5,95

    0,0% vol
  • Passionate pomegranate (slice)

    This eye catcher consists of 3 different layers of Cake. A Cake of brownie, red velvet cake and caramel cake filled with pomegranate bavarois

    € 4,25

    0,0% vol
  • Sky high apple pie (slice)

    A pie full of fresh apple pieces, pecan nuts, cranberries and caramel

    € 4,25

    0,0% vol
  • New York cheesecake (slice)

    A cheesecake so creamy, so soft and so airy. A dessert, finger licking treat. Allergens: Cereals containing gluten, Eggs, Peanuts, Milk, Nuts

    € 4,75

    0,0% vol
  • Raspberry white chocolate cheese brulee (slice)

    A silky white chocolate cheese, decorated with a swirl of raspberry

    € 7,25

    0,0% vol
  • Creme brulee cheesecake (slice)

    Two classics together in 1 cake: Crème brulee and cheesecake. Hand-roared and topped with a caramel mirror

    € 6,50

    0,0% vol
  • Rainbow cake chocolate (slice)

    A 5 layer colored cake with a finish of chocolate buttercream. A colorful festive point cake.

    € 4,50

    0,0% vol

Ice Cream

  • Kids surprise

    3D ice cream cup (dishwasher-proof) with a surprise in the bottom and topped with a scoop of ice cream

    € 3,00

  • Medium ice cream

    Two scoops of freshly churned ice cream

    € 5,50

  • Pint scooped ice cream

    € 12,50

Hot drinks

  • Coffee

    An honest, organic dark roast coffee. A strong espresso blend

    € 4,25

  • Espresso

    An honest, organic dark roast coffee. A strong espresso blend

    € 4,25

  • Latte macchiato

    € 5,75

  • Upside down coffee

    Koffie verkeerd

    € 5,75

  • Cappuccino

    € 5,75

  • Hot chocolate

    Our dark chocolate ice cream steamed to create a unique hot chocolate

    € 5,25

  • Hot chocolate with marshmallows

    € 5,50

  • Hot chocolate with whipped cream

    € 5,75

  • Hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream

    € 6,00

  • Mocchichino

    Mocha ice cream with espresso

    € 5,25

  • Chai latte by David Rio

    € 4,25

  • Australian fairtrade organic tea

    € 3,00

  • Revolution fairtrade organic tea

    € 3,00

  • Coffee cups Australian dark roast

    € 5,95

  • Coffee cups Australian medium roast

    € 5,95

Cold drinks

  • Milkshake

    Fresh milk and two scoops of ice cream of your choice

    € 5,25

  • Fruit shake

    We only make our sorbet ice cream with pure fruit pulp and sugar and are therefore completely vegan. Instead of milk, we mix with sparkling water

    € 5,25

  • Chilled coffee shake

    Two scoops of ice cream blended with a shot of espresso and steamed until hot and creamy

    € 5,25

  • Chaudfontaine still water

    € 2,00

  • Chaudfontaine sparkling water

    € 3,00

  • Capri-Sun Orange

    € 1,50

About this business

Saturday, 25 May 2024
Shelly Kempff
Sunday, 31 December 2023
Delivery time
Great deliveryman! Delightful and delicious treats!
Sarah Marcelis
Friday, 15 September 2023
Friday, 18 August 2023
Friday, 28 July 2023
Esther luiten
Saturday, 22 July 2023
Delivery time
Chocomel: beker was nog niet eens half vol en er zaten slechts 3 marshmallows in, geen slagroom te bekennen. Regenboog taartpunt was droog.
Saturday, 15 July 2023
Ben Bos
Wednesday, 12 July 2023
Delivery time
The slides were too thin It tasted good tho . As always
Tuesday, 11 July 2023
Delivery time
Dankjewel voor de beste service ever. Erg klantvriendelijk en heeft veel over voor z’n klanten. Dankjewel, groet de nichten
Friday, 23 June 2023
Delivery time
Received 2 pinrs of ice-cream that was all melted! You can't call that ice-cream anymore.

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