Become a courier and earn up to €12.04 per hour, excluding tips

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Your benefits

Start from home or a hub

  • If you start from home, your shift will start from a selected area in your city. You use your own bicycle and will be compensated by receiving a mileage allowance.
  • If your shift starts from a central hub then you will make use of one of our company e-bikes.

Good salary

  • Good service, happy customers: All tips are for you.
  • Use your own e-bike and get up to €0.19 extra per kilometre!

Flexible schedules

  • You decide the days and hours you would like to work. Whether that's 3 or 8 hours, the choice is yours.
  • Easily combine work with hobbies and education.
  • New opportunities in Amsterdam, Apeldoorn and Utrecht: Flexibility on a stable shift plan, we can guarantee you up to 40 hours per week. Pick the contract and shifts that fit your lifestyle.

How it works

Why work for

  • Hourly pay and a proper employment contract
  • A support team to ensure a good work experience
  • Real insurance, we got you covered
  • All the flexibility you need to do what you want


No matter what the weather looks like, my job takes me outside and I love that. I can cruise around on my e-bike, knowing my way around in the city better each day.


I felt comfortable right away, got to know the city, and immediately knew what was expected on the job.


My experience is defined in one word: 'freedom'. If you like to ride a bicycle and meet people, this is the place to be.


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