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Order Pizza Online | Thuisbezorgd.nl

When you order pizza in The Netherlands, you become part of a gastronomic journey that spans thousands of years. From Drenthe to Friesland, Limburg to Utrecht, every topping has its history and area of origin.

Although most commonly known for its flat landscape, windmills and tulips, the Netherlands is rich in history and influenced by a progressive political culture. With a wide international trade and strong ties to its allies, the cuisine in the Netherlands shows influences of all those who have made their home there. For those with a taste for Italian, this happily includes pizza.

A taste of Italy wherever you are

The various styles routinely available across the Netherlands mirror the countries of origin. Roman-style pizza is prepared in a baking tray with a soft crumb and thickened base, while Dutch chefs with a Naples bent prefer a thin crust prepared in a wood-burning oven, just like the New Yorkers. Sicilian bases are wet with oils and sauce and are usually prepared with a simple topping of Neapolitan sauce, sheep’s cheese, and anchovies.

If you have simple tastes, try an Abruzzo-style pizza, which only contains salt, flour, and animal fat. Even the French have reinvented pizza, but this version is topped with mozzarella and folded in half. If you’re impossibly hungry, the Montanara is thick enough to fill you up. It has traditional Margherita toppings on a slice of fried, chewy bread. The Sicilian restaurants prepare their pizza in rectangles, often with the cheese layed beneath the sauce. Few Italian regions love garlic as much as they do, so if its flavour you’re seeking, a Sicilian pizza will satisfy your gastronomic passions.

Whether you're feeding the family or catering a party, Thuisbezorgd.nl, delivers to your neighbourhood. If you don't have time to leave you office for lunch, or just need a treat to make up for a long day, order takeaway food from Thuisbezorgd.nl and have it delivered direct to your doorstep.

See the sights, then order pizza online

As the capital city, Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. But its not just the famous cannabis coffee shops and cafes that draw the crowds. Home to the oldest stock exchange in the world, culture-lovers can also visit the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and Anne Frank's hiding place where she wrote her diaries. The wealth of museums, including Stedelijk Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam and Scheepvaartmuseum, are all dotted around the city, while the infamous red light district draws more than 5 million visitors annually.

If you'd rather get a bit closer to nature, consider visiting the Hortus Botanicus. Founded in 1638 as a herb garden for the medical community, it is a haven for a number of endangered plants and trees, some of which are sheltered in a tri-climate hothouse. With two halls used for public and private events and a popular cafe on site offering sustenance to the weary, it is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world.

With over 177 nationalities represented in Amsterdam alone, it's no surprise that the pizza here offers endless choice. For tired tourists to hungry residents, ordering pizza from Thuisbezorgd.nl is easy:

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The Netherland’s pizzerias serve a range of high-end, medium-range, and off-the-wall pizzas with every topping imaginable. Classic diners with full Italian-style menus will offer antipasti to inspire your palette for the main dish and tiramisu to finsih your meal and satisfy your sweet tooth. Why leave home for pizza when you can order it with a few easy clicks? Experience hunger-busting convenience with Thuisbezorgd.nl today.